Pole & Post Mount Lights - Single Light, Single ARM

Pole& Post Mount Lights make durable and aesthetically pleasing exterior commercial lighting fixtures. Outdoor light poles from this collection, supplied by Architect Design Lighting, can be seen as functional lighting along a parkway, or on a shopping center plaza as decorative light poles.

Pole and post light fixtures with single light shade and arm combinations come in a range of styles and sizes. The following options are also available:
3" or 4" diameter aluminum light poles for shade and arm mounting
25 color choices to customize outdoor light poles for your project
Browse basic and decorative light poles online and click on individual product descriptions for technical information like pole and post light dimensions, light source options, and available supplementary accessories. Aluminum light poles supplied by Architect Design Lighting are made in the U.S.A. using quality materials and finishes.

Voltcon Post Lights are More than Decorative Light Poles

Our post lights are expertly crafted to achieve whatever aesthetic you desire, but they're so much more than that. They're warmth and an inviting feel for any guests who visit your home or business. They're a whimsical glow that elicits a nostalgic feeling when you view their traditional lantern appeal. They're also safety, providing additional lighting where needed to prevent guests from tripping while walking in the dark, and also deterring would-be prowlers from causing trouble. While offering so many practical applications may make it sound like these post lamps are all work and no play, Architect Design Lighting strives to not only provide unparalleled performance, but unbeatable style as well. That's why our fixtures are also detailed to present with an elegant feel that instantly increases curb appeal and enhances any landscaping or exterior design theme. Whether you go with something sleek and modern or more classical and traditional, there's a pole light here just waiting for you to fall in love.

Use Outdoor Lighting Poles in any Setting

Versatility is the name of the game at Architect Design Lighting, and these pole and post lights are just one more example of that. Since they're installed directly into the ground, these fixtures can be placed virtually anywhere outdoors. Place one in the garden to lighting way through a winding path, or to offer a little extra lighting next to a park bench. You can also use them to skim the exterior of larger buildings in the most elegant of ways, or place a singular light outside your home to keep the porch illuminated when you get home. The possibilities are as plentiful as your creative ideas.

Customize Pole Lamps for Greater Versatility

Whatever you can dream up, we're sure you'll find a pole light to accommodate at Architect Design Lighting. Not only are there designs ranging from rustic and antique inspired to modern and chic, but there are also 25 colors to choose from to seamlessly coordinate with any building exterior. Various lamp options are also available, along with additional accessories like grills, guards, and refractors. Lights come standard with incandescent bulbs, but upgrading to more energy efficient CF and HID options is easy and affordable. Mix and match your favorite options to create a pole light you love, or contact our lighting experts for even greater customization.

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