Decorative Traffic Signal Structures

Voltcon Structural & Steel Products offers a complete line of historic and contemporary decorative traffic poles - an excellent choice for downtown redevelopment, residential neighborhoods, historic and urban areas. Our designers offer a broad range of configurations combining both traffic and lighting applications that meet exacting government standards including AASHTO Specifications.

  • Variety of fluted cross sectional shapes from 8, 12, or 16 flutes per pole
  • Complete line of decorative pole caps, cast nut covers, channel scrolls and cast bases
  • Configured to your specifications to improve safety and intersection appearance


We also offer a complete line of standard steel traffic poles that combine functionality with clean, simple lines.

  • Available with standard fixed connection or with unique adjustable clamp-on connection
  • Straight or curved mast arms with and without additional luminaire arms
  • Complete packages tailored to your needs and load requirements

Highland Park Village Traffic & Lighting, City of Highland Park, TX
Below are photos highlighting our custom designed traffic poles for Highland Park Village, an upscale historic shopping area and neighborhood.


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