High-Mast Lighting Poles

Voltcon has been a pioneer in develop the high-mast concept to India. High-mast lighting installations are often located where today's most busy expressways merge or intersect. Voltcon offers tapered steel high-mast poles for transportation applications and also for other large-area lighting applications, such as those found at car parks, railways, airports, toll plazas shipping terminal bus terminal facilities and large heavy-industry zones etc. Voltcon High masts go through stringiest quality checks to adhere to Indian and International standards. Voltcon has supplied more masts with different operating systems, ranging from 10 to 50 Mtr..

Voltcon High Masts are reliability engineering, efficient and maintenance friendly.In all these applications, safety is paramount and technical design expertise is essential.

High Mast Technical Specifications

we design and manufacture high mast with the best in world class material and specification.

Height 30M 25M 20M 16M 12.5M
No. of Sections 3 3 2 2 2
Base & Top other dia in mm OAF 540 & 150 460 & 150 410 & 150 360 & 150 360 & 100
Thickness of sections in mm 5/4/4 5/4/3 4/3 4/3 3/3
Base plate dia in mm 740x30 670x25 650x25 560x25 520x25
PCD in mm 650 590 550 460 445

Standard Features

Raising/lowering Speed 3 meters/mm
Lubrication arrangement & type Permanent oil bath - SAE 90/140
SS wire rose AISI 316, 7/19 Const
*Dia of rope & breaking load 6 mm & 2350 kg/rope
Lifting Capacity 500 to 750 kg
Trailing Cable ERP/PCP Sheathed Multi core flexible copper
Power tool (reversible) 440V, 50 HZ, 1 HP/1.5HP
* mtr. Mast given with 5mm Dia of rope

Voltcon offer customised sizes as per client's requirement.

  • 2 Section Mast for 12/16/20 Mt.
  • 3 Section Mast for 25/30 Mt.
  • 4 Section Mast for 35/40 Mt.
  • Wind Velocity upto 200 km/hr.
  • Galvanised Steel.
  • 2/3 Pulley wire rope system.
  • Motorised & Manually operated Winch for Lanterm Carriage
  • Flood Light Luminaires with appropriate CG Box & HID Lamps
  • Aviation obstruction Lamp for LED & GLS application

Applications Use

Aluminium Data Centers Mining Printing
Automotive Food and Beverage Oil and Gas Pulp and Paper
Building and Infrastructure Industrial Automation Ports Railway
Cement Life Sciences Power Distribution Solar Power
Channel Partners Marine and Ports Power Generation Water
Chemical Metals Power Transmission Wind Power

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