Street & Roadway Lighting Poles

Voltcon Street lighting and Roadway lighting is our strength. Be confident with your next project knowing that you have the backing of over 10 years experience in the light pole and lighting industry on your side. Our pole and fixture packages make it easy for you to get the right products for your project, all in one place, saving you precious time and money.

Voltcon offer Wide range of Octagonal Poles for street lighting. We design, supply, install and commission sports lighting systems. We can assist you with your entire project as a turnkey solution including lighting design, product supply, installation and ongoing maintenance.
Our team of street light specialists work across the india, supported by experts in street lighting design back at head office. Our engineers can also repair and maintain. Octagonal Poles are used to securely illuminate private residential areas, commercial and industrial locations. The street lighting pole range is designed with an outreach arm, in either single or double arrangement, as per customer specifications.

High Mast Technical Specifications


3 Mtr TO 12Mtr in single length (3mm to 5mm). Length can be increased by multiple sections as per customer requirement.


Up to 300 km/hour


Shaft- High tensile sheet/Plate Equivalent to BSEN 10025 : 2004/IS 2062 : 2011 Gr.E350BR / IS 5986 : 2011 Gr 355 , Base Plate- As per IS 2062: 2011 Gr.E250A, Foundation Bolt- IS 1367:1994


As Per IS 4759 : 1996 / IS 2629 : 1985 / BSEN ISO 1461 :2009


As per IS 875 (Part-3):2015/As per customer requirement


As Per IS 875 Part-3:2015, IS 800 : 2007 / IS 6533:1989 (P-2) / BS 5649 : 1985 / EN 40, ILE TR-7: 2000.


As per IS 10178 : 1995/ IS 9595 : 1996

Pole Hight
Top Dia
Bottom Dia
Base Plate
Bolt Size
(N x D) (MM)
3 70 130 3 200x200x12 4x16x450
4 70 130 3 200x200x12 4x16x450
5 70 130 3 200x200x12 4x16x450
6 70 130 3 200x200x16 4x16x450
7 70 135 3 225x225x16 4x20x600
8 70 150 3 225x225x16 4x20x700
9 70 155 3 250x250x16 4x20x700
10 100 200 4 260x260x20 4x20x750
11 100 200 4 310x310x20 4x20x750
12 100 200 4 310x310x20 4x20x750

Material for Pole Shaft- As per BSEN 10025/ IS 5986 Gr.510 or Equivalent / Material for Base Plate - As per IS 2062 Gr.410 Metal protection - Hot Dip Galvanization as per IS 4759 or equivalent. Welding- IS 10178 / IS 9595. Voltcon Octagonal poles shall be hot galvanized in single dip to 65micron. Octagonal poles are designed for maximum wind speed of 180 km/hr. Octagonal poles of length upto 12 mtr.



Professional Grade Project Support

Our Knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of purchasing the right LED fixtures for your location and application

Comlete lighting assemblies

Poles+Fixture+Brakets. Get everything you need for your next lighting install all in one place saving you valuable time and money

Saving your wallet & the environment

The efficiency of LED lighting is vastly greater then HID fixtures. Not only will you save on energy but the longer life of LEDs will reduce maintenance costs too.

Following Industry standareds

As an active member of the illuminating Engineering Society we follow all guidelines for proper light levels on all applicable projects.

Custom Photometric Layouts

Our in house lighting designer use state of the art technology to achieve paper fast candle measurements for your applications. Talk to your project support representative for details.

Scalability for your demand

Whether you need 1 or 1,000 light poles or light fixtures, we've got you covered. Our facilities can support even the most complex projects demanding the most out of production

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