Voltcon autonomous smart solar light pole

Voltcon solar street light enables light anywhere you desire. An outstanding choice if you are in need of a high-end reliable solar-powered light that can be installed anywhere you want. Voltcon offers high-tech, stand-alone solar-powered lighting communication, smart-city and electric-power columns that charge themselves through their unique cylindrical solar panels. With an efficiency of more than 23%, the incorporated solar cells are the most efficient and best working ones available on the market. Even in case of cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight, the light post generates the desired amount of energy. Voltcon Solar is the first in the market that integrates high-end lithium batteries, smart machine learning algorithms, advanced communication and outstanding solar technology into the future proof solar-powered solutions. This results in solar products that are reliable, durable, built to last and the perfect building block for smart-cities. Various configurations of the Voltcon solar light pole are available, with prices starting at 10000 Ind.

Off-grid, no cabling or grid connection needed

Voltcon solar light pole is the perfect solution for off-grid locations, at locations where no other lighting infrastructure is available, or at locations where replacement is due. Off-grid means there is no need for cabling or grid connection, which makes the Voltcon solar light pole truly convenient. No trenching has many benefits as it will not cause disturbance to the neighborhood when installing the Voltcon solar light post. Moreover, the soil stays intact as there is no need for cabling. Benefits also include a quicker installation, no electricity bills and grid independency. The Voltcon solar light pole can also be installed as on-grid or as a hybrid light pole.


Patented cylindrical solar panels, no dust or moisture ingression
The cylindrical solar panels are a unique feature of the Voltcon solar street light pole. The cylindrical shape allow an orientation-independent installation and catch sunlight from all directions, all day long. The panels are made of high-quality components only. This has resulted in a long-lasting, weather-proof and UV-proof product that ensures the PV modules will not suffer from dust or moisture ingression.

Modular design, configurable to your demands

Voltcon knows from experience that each projects will have specific needs.The exclusive Voltcon light pole is a state-of-the-art total solution and a building block for smart-city lighting. Its design allows you to adjust the solar light post according to your specific application. Voltcon Light Poles is available in a range of standard heights (4, 5, 6, and 8 meters), but can also be customized to your demands at larger quantities due to the modular design. Likewise, mast material, color, finish and luminaire types can be adjusted according to your needs. Together, we can find a suitable configuration that will suit the needs of your project.

Wireless remote management and control

Voltcon smart solar streetlight control system enables full control and monitoring over your solar light poles, making it a perfect building block for smart-city applications. Not only will you be able to have insights in the performance data of your Voltcon solar light posts, you are also able to access and control the installations through the online platform from anywhere in the world. Convenient and efficient, since you waste no time in physically checking if the Voltcon lamp post is working. Streetlight monitoring and building Smart-cities has never been so easy.

Universal battery system, Lithium compatible

Voltcon works exclusively with high-end lithium batteries. There are many reasons why Voltcon chooses to work with lithium batteries instead of lead batteries. To begin, lithium has proven to be a highly reliable battery technology with a much better Return of Investment (ROI). Moreover, lithium batteries can tolerate high temperatures , while lead batteries will decrease in quality and performance in hot and cold climates. Since high temperatures reduce the service life of batteries, lithium batteries are more beneficial compared to for example lead batteries in this case.

Luminaire independent design

The Voltcon solar lamp is available with two standard luminaires. However, it is also possible to add your own desired luminaire model to the Voltcon solar poles !

Low maintenance, high reliability

Due to the use of high-quality materials, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Voltcon solar light pole does not need heavy maintenance as its design and the used materials are of excellent quality. Voltcon solar lamp installations in the desert is an outstanding example of this. No scratches were found on the Voltcon solar light poles after years of installation, surviving several sand and dust storms. To add, due to the smart management platform, you will have access to clear insights in the performance of the solar light pole.

Zero emission during operation, 100% renewable energy

Sustainability is something Voltcon Solar solutions highly values. In the process of designing, making, and delivering our products we consider to be environmental friendly as our priority is to create a better future with our solar lighting solutions. During the entire operational lifetime of the Voltcon solar light mast zero emission is produced.

Voltcon: Ready for the future of Smart-cities

The high-class Voltcon solar street light is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a building block for Smart-Cities. Advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (like GPS, Gallileo and Glonass) and wireless remote communication is integrated as a standard feature of the solar light pole. Optional features like a weather station, particle sensors, data loggers or motion sensor truly make the Voltcon solar street light smart and future proof. The high-end pole can also serve as a solar powered antenna, solar powered data logger or radio tower for remote areas or mobile applications. All applications can easily be installed through the hatch on ground level. With a future consisting of smart cities, the smart and energy neutral solar light pole offers the perfect solution to this area of opportunity. The solar street light is the top-notch solution to reduce your energy consumption and work on a smart and sustainable future.

The excellent Voltcon solar light post is highly suitable for enterprise solutions. You may think of solutions in the governmental, educational, and security sector.
For more information, please visit: Voltcon solar lighting or take a look at the Voltcon product catalogue.
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