Vibrastion Daming

This device, which can work on existing or new traffic signal pole arms, reduces both eddy and pneumatic vibration by over 80%. By reducing the motion of traffic signal pole arms, also reduces inspection, maintenance and repair costs. In fact, with the installed, smaller pole and arms can do the same jobs that would have traditionally required larger poles.

Vibration damping is a term that's used in industrial, electronic and ergonomic applications when there is a need to reduce the amount of energy that's produced by the system. Normally engineers try to address and reduce this energy at its source so the disturbing force is not at or near a natural frequency. This will ensure that resonance does not occur. Sometimes this is not possible for many reasons so problems will usually be controlled with a vibration damper. Usually when a good vibration damper is added, the energy that is left over is removed and converted to a small amount of heat which is referred to as the "Voltcon energy".

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